This Is What Your’e Still Missing
Imagine if you gave a shit how much you would enjoy this contest.

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Insomnia has been brutal these…well eight months thus have reached a place that has me pulling out a new post from the depths to a now unpopulated audience.  Perhaps you will hit the 3am marker one of these days and find yourself checking this old beast for something new.  Well here you go.  Surprise surprise.  […]

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What are we all about? Who knows? Who cares? It’s too soon to say. We are a slow brewing stew and have just set the proper heat under the stove. We have yet to add bits of carrot and celery and whatever Brazilian bullshit my counterpart would add to a stew. It will take time. Care, whimsy, procrastination, will all be added. Wrong ingredients will surely be added as well, but it is all ok. It’s a process. We will figure it all out in time and hopefully serve up something nourishing and if all goes right, delicious. In the meantime, let’s agree not to worry about, About.


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