1 in 5 Follow Up

I just want to make one point here.  I am not against the whole field of psychiatry.  I do acknowledge that there are many people who are severely fucked up for whatever reason and have real symptoms of life threatening mania, hear and see things that aren’t there, and truly experience hell on earth that may have them sitting naked on a floor one evening with a knife to their wrists.  I am truly sympathetic and pained for these people.

Now, for these people, intervention and experimentation with agents is more or less a necessity.  They have to do something…anything…since their lives are in constant chaos and they suffer intensely without much relief.  If drinking a shot of Drano helped in someway, then I might see the logic and agree with that.  Thus if pharmaceuticals help make their lives more manageable, then I am 100% for  it.  And in some cases these pharmaceuticals, I’m sure, are not only life saving, but transformative.

What I have a problem with (clearly) is how fucked up and truly dangerous the field of psychiatry has become.  It used to be about treating the mentally ill (and not always so well or humanely mind you).  Now its morphed into something far different.  Treating, or trying to treat nearly everybody else.  Not as their mission statement mind you, but due to their enmeshment with pharmaceutical companies, they are now being led by profit.  And with that… well everything I rant about.

So no, I don’t disregard the merits to the whole field like our action star Scientologist, TC, but I do share his concern that the field has gotten entirely out of hand and hurts FAR MORE than it helps.

Enough.  I’ll shut up now.


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