1 in 5 Young Adults Has Personality Disorder


This whole article is pretty much absurd so I thought I’d include it.  It’s a pretty quick article to read so breeze through it if you’d like.

A few things I want to comment on though:

1) “Personality Disorders” are a category different from the more recognizable (and far more severe) disorders such as Bipolar, Schizophrenia, and Obsessive Compulsive Disorders.  Personality Disorders are Axis II disorders (according to the shit-hole that is the DSM-IV ) that are…if you buy the questionable “diagnosis”…a hard thing to treat.  Why?  Because they are like personality quarks on a higher level.  Try fixing that shit with a pill.  Bipolar, Schizo, etc.  and the others are more medically recognized and the treatment for the these conditions are more established.  Thus the article stating that we need to treat these people (through psychiatry of course…OF COURSE) is just an effort to bring more misleading awareness so as to further expand the over-medication of the public.

With that said…

2)  I LOVE this tired out quote:

“Imagine if more than 75 percent of diabetic college students didn’t get treatment, Hirsch said. “Just think about what would be happening on our college campuses.”

Poor diabetics.  For some reason they are always used as the non-comparison group.  Let me quickly respond to Hirsch’s oh so un-refutable point.  First off, diabetics sadly cannot produce insulin.  Insulin, which helps transport glucose into the cells.  Without insulin, these individuals die.  So…  What is the treatment for diabetics?  Yep, you’re right.  Insulin.

Ok.  Now let’s take a look at personality disorders.  What are they?  Hmm…  Nothing.  Nothing but a label placed on a group or category of people with similar sets of “symptoms” at best, patterns of thoughts perhaps, and at times,  slightly eccentric behaviors.  Sure they tend to be a little screwy, but their lives are certainly not dependent on medication (ooh, I cringe at even calling it that). …Oh and a medication mind you that isn’t even replicating something existing in the body.  They are agents used to numb and suppress.  Fine, they may help some (like alcohol or weed for others), but don’t foolishly equate life saving insulin with frickin’ non-science based stimulants and whatnot.  They are entirely non-comparable.

But to further the thought on your stupid hypothetical, Hirsch.  Where would the over 75% of diabetics on campus be without their medication?  Dead.  And where would the over 75% of individuals with “personality disorders” be without their medication?  Oh, I don’t know.  They’d still be teaching your class, setting the curve, holding the beer bong, dating your best friend, etc. etc.

Anyways, read if you’d like.


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