Aging Spears

What else can we throw at this girl?… It is just comical at this point. (See photo)

This is supposed to be a photo of what Britney will look like at age 36…a high tech age progression representation or some nonsense.

I mean, really? This was on a major news website, not some ridiculous, stupid blog like our own.

They already have plenty to make Britney feel suicidal. They don’t need to go inventing shit to hurt her.

What’s next?

“And now, here this is what Britney’s childrens’ lungs will look like -after they are of course scraped off the blood stained pavement next to their lifeless bodies that moments earlier were ejected from their mother’s lap and through the windshield of her Mercedes…(Black charred mini-lungs are thrown down with a thud on a non-sterile metal table) You see the damage already sustained due to their chronic exposure to their mother’s second hand smoke. You see the blackness that mirrors their mothers soul? Do you? Perhaps she did them a favor by killing them now, don’t you think…Shame on you Brintey. Shame.”

Lord have mercy.

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