Alicia Shay Results

Sadly…there weren’t any.

I was like a little kid waiting for this race. Had a few different alarm reminders set so I wouldn’t forget or fall asleep. Flipped on the TV….rather changed the channel. I’ve just re-watched The Wedding Crashers for the 20th time… but flipped to the USA network to watch the race.

“Sweet, it’s on”. Fearing the TV had screwed up the times. I had checked and double checked.

All the ladies were lining up. Kara Goucher was prominently displayed. Seeeexy woman she is.

Kara currently is still running around the track as I type…rather on TV she is…since it is tape delayed….but as of now, I have no idea who will be the winner of these trials.

Any fucking way….the whole point of this. Alicia. I watched a few laps and I couldn’t pick her out of the pack. There are 26 women I believe running so I figured that maybe she wasn’t expected to do so well, thus they’re not giving her much coverage. Those cold mother fuckers.

Oh, shit, before I even go there…. Right before this race. Immediately before this race, was the Men’s 5000m. Once the race was finished this runner who just placed high enough to make it to the finals, rolled his eyes into the back of his head and collapsed unconscious on the track as the women (Alicia’s group) took the track. My blood ran cold (Alicia’s husband died that way less that a year ago for those just joining Earclops. Please read back stories in previous posts). Can you fucking believe it??? How cruel was life being to this woman? She has had to struggle so hard to keep herself together and focus on her race, and to have a runner collapse like her husband did right in front of her as she’s warming up for her race…… No further comment. It was ridiculous in the worst way.

But I guess she was spared, because Alicia Shay wasn’t there. Apparently she injured a series of stomach muscles several weeks ago. Enough so that she was unable to perform to the degree she needed to to compete. She withdrew her name last week. Unfortunately I didn’t get the word. Apparently she was expected to make a real run at qualifying. She held the American Record previous to her hiatus from running.

But you know. It’s probably for the best, which I wouldn’t be surprised if she felt that way as well. She is a young gal and will be able to compete in 2012 when she is physically, and more importantly, spiritually and emotionally ready to compete. She has looked nothing short of fragile in every interview leading up to this. Perhaps her body was doing her a favor by pulling her out. She will back.

2012 believe me, I will be tuning in.

I’m setting my alarm.

My heart goes out to you Alicia. I wish you the best.


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