Are Cell Phones A Health Hazzard?

Ooh…what’s up with this post? Shouldn’t I be attaching a video clip about Bigfoot or something? I’m sorry. I shouldn’t even be starting this. As stated in my previous post a minute ago, I’ve had a few sips of scotch, and now my eyelids are getting droopy. But right before shutting down my God damn computer in which I have an addiction/hate relationship w/ I came across an article by healthy fat guru Andrew Wiel who was discussing whether he thought cell phones posed a health hazard or not. See article below if you so choose. (I will go on my own rant, so no need to look at the healthy chubster.)

So…are cell phones dangerous?

Well, of course on the driving end of things. Apparently come July 1st it will be illegal to drive and talk on the cell phone here in California. Well with it up to your ear. Apparently it has to be hands free. So there you go. That will help. Of course there will still probably be an accident every sixteen minutes from people careening off the road while trying to plug in their hands-free devices. But whatever. It’s a good idea. It’s a good start.
I’ve personally almost killed myself countless times screwing around w/ my phone.

But separate from car accidents….are cell phones a risk to our health?

Here you go…

You heard it here first at

Of course they are.

I personally feel that cell phones are definitely a bad thing for our brain. Having our brains that close to an admitted electromagnetic field w/ the frequency that we use those things is not a good thing. Intuitively and logically I think we all know and suspect that.

But we do get to have our piece of radiated mind by hiding behind the ‘research’ that overwhelming argues that these things are as safe as grandma. Yes, it has not been publicly ’shown’ to be a direct link to brain tumors, but the validity of that ‘research’ has to be questioned. It needs to continue to be questioned.

The cell phone industry has to make, what…over a thousand dollars each year? Right? ;) Can you imagine the financial devastation over damning research supporting that these things could be making us very sick?

Thus can you imagine the amount of money they would spend each year to have research counteract these claims/suspicions? At least a couple of hundred dollars, I’d suspect.

Money runs things as well all know. Money controls things as we all know. Money calls the shots. Money overwhelmingly runs research.

I’m just saying.

I for one limit my phone use. Usually just cause I don’t want to talk to you ;)

But it is something I think about. And what I’ve really become aware of, or at least I believe deeply, is that we aren’t nearly protected and looked out after as we might think we are. I strongly feel that we are being harmed in so many ways due to the all mighty dollar that our health is being compromised and stressed in so many ways in so many arenas throughout each and every day. Coming from the foods we eat, from the water we drink, from the cell phones we use, from the air we breathe, etc. etc. etc.

Our best interests are not at heart. They might be a large part of the mission statement, but its not how businesses are run, and its not what makes money. And in many, many cases, we are not only not protected, but we as a people are intentionally harmed.

So my friends (not a McCain endorsement) Earclops’ recommendation is to say ‘fuck you’ to ‘research’. Research tends to be largely tainted and compromised as the food most of us eat. What I say, is stick to your gut. Stick w/ your intuition. Ask yourself what makes most sense, and go with it.

Nutrition is huge. Eating organic is huge. Drinking good water is huge.

Using your cell phone day in and day out…..

I’d just be suspicious about it. It’s all I’m saying.

So I’d say limit it.

That’s my public service announcement for the evening.   Goodnight.

Sit Ubu sit. Good dog.



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