Arizona Law

Long time no blog, so I will keep it the way I like it. Short and provoking.

The law passed a couple of week ago. I agree. Although I have several advantages over people that just jump the border, I have had to comply with ALL the rules, so did my sister. I still live in the US because my employer decided that I had something to offer and it was decided that I would get my sponsorship. On the other hand, my sister was kicked out of the country ( I mean, she left a couple of days before her VISA expired - the way it should be). I miss her and we have been separated most of our adult lives. It sucks.

Considering that a big percentage of the crime rate in the region is attributed to illegal aliens I see how fitting this law turns out to be. Makes absolute sense and the bullshit of being targeted, so it is.

ANY other country in the world they can pull that shit on you, so move on and get with the program. If mexicans are being targeted than so be it, Mexico borders the US, makes sense. The Mexican constitution prohibits any other person (non mexican) to any of the states rights…

OK, I know I offended a lot of people, BUT I have some sort of experience in this matter and honestly think that if the rules are there, they should be there for everyone.


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