Autism Linked To Vaccinations?

Yes, that’s right.  I have single-handedly figured it out.  It’s the vaccinations.  Why hasn’t anyone else ever thought of that?  Man I must be incredibly brilliant.

This is an article by RFK Jr. that was written in 2005.  I am only half way through it, and not due to the content of the article, but my eyes are getting heavy so I am going to finish it later.

Anyways, the article is pretty intriguing.  I was actually coincidentally just looking at a book review regarding the topic by some main doctor fellow who seems to draw the majority of the heat from many of the mothers of those with autistic children, due to his stance that there is no link.

I personally don’t know where I stand on this because I haven’t really looked into it before, plus I would be a moron to have a concrete opinion based on reading a few things.  However what I do know (or have been told) is that autism has been tremendously on the rise and something (or multiple things) must account for it.  As the article stated (thus far) the number of autism diagnoses has not risen in the 30 + age category so it isn’t an issue about professionals better diagnosing the problem or anything. One must question why all of the sudden (relatively speaking, of course) this younger age bracket would show a statistically significant increase in autism diagnoses.

So take a peek at the article.  It is pretty compelling to read regardless of where you stand on the issue.

And of course for me, since drug companies are involved, I will gladly torch their headquarters just because.  Someone just let me know when and where.  It would be fun.


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