Big Wednesday

Watched the commentary last night for the first time by writer/director John Milius.  Was very cool listening to him break down each scene and give the background story to this old time favorite of mine. Turns out Big Wednesday was largely autobiographical, with I’d imagine his Matt Johnson character getting plenty of car love on road trips, however I suspect the Masochist might have actually been baked in Jack’s oven, as opposed to just basted.  I actually read an article a few years back covering the death of the the real Masochist, and the guy apparently was fully heroic.

What was cool in listening to Milius narrate the movie, was not only his innate talent as an artist, filmmaker, and writer, but also what a bad ass he was/is in his own right.  In the final scenes capturing the Big Wednesday waves where Jack, Leroy, and Matt are charging, you can see him charging out int he water alongside Gerry Lopez.  Can’t imagine any other director immersing themselves in their work like that.  Pretty impressive.

I actually read up on the guy after the film and it turns out he also wrote wrote Apocalypse Now, which as I write this it does in fact ring a bell.  Readily explains the surfing scene in the movie amidst the bombing.

And, Conan.  He wrote that too.  He’s the guy on the right.  Our right looking at the two of them, not to confuse you.

Cool dude, man.  I like the walk the this guy’s walked.


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