Bob And Vicky

Well folks.  I finally officially slayed one of my seven wonders.  After work today I was just raging with too much anger.  I don’t speak of it really anymore, but BN still has shit he has to deal with that somedays has me near putting my hands through walls. 

Anyways, instead of gouging out some whitewall, or cracking a few metacarpals, I decided instead to head over to Mt. Diablo for a run.

Initially I wanted to go for a mellow bike.  I needed it.  But for some reason I can’t change a fucking tire anymore.  Honestly, I don’t know what is wrong with me.  Without exageration, I have punctured the last six tubes while trying to put it on. 

So, based on my mood and anger that was swelling, you can imagine my state when I slit numero seis.  I actually may have dented my rim, because I smashed the mother f-er against a wall. 


Anyways, a run on Diablo was what was in store. 

Now… a bit about Mt. Diablo.  Well, it is a mountain.  And it’s one mountain that I have always entertained running to the top.  I sort of summited it nine years ago, but technically I aborted the last mile (the toughest mile) due to darkness and no way home.   But it has remained as one of the things I knew I was going to take on at some point.  It’s nothing too ridiculous, but it is definitely a formidable foe, and would require proper preperation, I figured, when I eventually would take it on again.

Here’s a pic.


And Mt. Diablo’s stats, to give you an idea.

Yeah.  Nearly an 11 1/2 mile hill…  Not too shabby.

Long story short, since I’m fading right now.  Today…totally unplanned, turned out to be the day that I was going to take it on.  Initially I thought I would just head to the ranger station five miles up and hitch a ride down (or walk…no big deal).  However, a part of me knew I wasn’t stopping.  Knew that I was going to fuck myself up even if I wasn’t prepared.  Basically a metaphorical wall to punch.  

But shit man.  I did it.  Took around 2 1/2 hours.  I almost bowed out in a few places, but the stride never broke and got my ass up it. 

The coolest part about it, other than my own sense of doing it, was the support from the other people enjoying the mountain this evening.  The closer I got to the top, the bigger the smiles from the cyclists speeding down.  Runners are a rare thing on Diablo for some reason.  I actually am surprised I don’t see more or basically any other runners out there cause its such a beautiful mountain.  And its so close and accessible.  Its a biker’s haven, but strangely, not a runners.

Anyways, as I got to the last few miles, with next to no light left, I was getting fist pumps and hoots from the cyclists.  Was very cool.  And when I crested the nightmare finish (goes straight the fuck up for the last 200 yards), the people at the little castle thing on top, who were all enjoying the glows of the reds and oranges from the picturesque sunset, stood up and began clapping and cheering my arrival.  Was a very cool moment.

So, Bob and Vicky.  They were the couple that drove my ass back down, feeding me oranges and salad from their cooler and water to rehydrate.  The kindness and joy of strangers.  I always love it.

Well, it’s bed time boys and girls.  I hope this didn’t come off as gloating or anything.  It was just my sharing of a personal pushing and cool experience. 


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