Oops She Did It Again

Yeah. Why even comment on this? Well for one because I am surfing way too much on the internet tonight. But, I just watched an MSN clip of Britney Spears being driven away in an ambulance.

And this is atypical for me. I don’t pay attention to this shit. I refused to watch one minute of the O.J. Trial/s and the same with Anna Nicole -though who was watching that fiasco? (And the level of coverage and disrespect that whole thing reached is beyond comment here).

But I watched the Spears video and I got to say the whole thing makes me sick. Not her mental health. Sure that is nothing short of a terribly sad situation, but this whole fucking media/paparazzi shit.

In the video, Spears who allegedly…fuck allegedly, this gal is strung out on everything apparently at this point, was high on something and was shown being whisked away by paramedics. But a worse sight, are these little bitches running after the ambulance…even a few skipping after it snapping off a torrent of flashbulbs while giggling, to capture her at her ever elusive rock bottom.

How in the world are these immoral pieces of shit allowed to do this? I honestly don’t get it. These little fucks are allowed to harass people, chasing celebrities down in high speed chases, stalk them and their children in front of their homes, and it is somehow allowed. What are they protected by? Free speech? Freedom to assemble? What? Honestly I don’t understand. Would any citizen object to a law being passed to ban such obvious harassment of these people? Why is that not happening? Can someone explain it to me?

If this is how it ‘has’ to be, because our wise forefathers must have specifically mentioned something about protecting these cowards (watered down versions of these cowards are the same douchebags that taunt and scream obscenities at professional athletes inches from their faces knowing they can’t retaliate) , then fairly it should be balanced out with an equal and opposing force.

Why not? It would make it all somewhat more tolerable. They can go on harassing and in turn there should exist an anti-paparazzi that can set them on fire or kidnap their children. Or just a simple lead pipe. Too bad (though not at all) that Gooley-whatever-the-fuck-his-name-Kerrigan-striking-pipe-weilder died. He knew how to use one of those things. But, you know? Something. Just to keep it in balance.

That would be fair I think. I would vote for that in a heartbeat. Hell I would participate. I am looking for a career change.

But there is no counter-balancing force.

And the content of shit these guys scream and yell at celebrities such as Spears. (i.e. I just heard)”You’re going to lose your kids for sure, don’t you think”??? As she’s strapped to a gurney knowing full well that she will be losing all ties to her children in this most recent act. And this fucker is hoppin from one foot to the other and is smiling and clicking his camera.

And CNN reports she might be Bi-Polar. Ain’t that the fucking catch-phrase-dime-store-diagnosis these days? Mania and depression by it’s old moniker. Little people probably changed that too after banishing ‘midget’ from the mainstream vernacular. Those little guys are on a roll.

Well to break it down, she’s up cause she’s on drugs and is emotionally out of control, and the depression, well who wouldn’t be depressed and out of balance by such relentless hounding, scrutiny, and un-relatable success and hero worship?

But no. Bi-Polar. Yep, that makes sense. Nothing else could be causing her symptoms. A pre-existing mental illness. Poor Brit.

And are we ready for the next ‘logical’ step? I will predict it will go something like this…


Hey let’s have a doctor being GENEROUSLY compensated by a pharmaceutical company make a statement about the deadly disease of Bi-Polar disorder. Have a few patients speak about their struggles and how medication saved them and piggy back the Spears debacle in a hardly creative effort to further advertise and promote the sale of drugs that the majority of people should never be on.

And the patients who will tell their story will be none the wiser that they are being pawns to this -unknowingly being manipulated. Don’t forget pharmaceutical companies spend far more on advertising and marketing than they do on research and the creation of new drugs.

Maury (don’t get me started on this pussy), Montell (he has M.S. I will leave him alone), Ellen (ughh.) They will predictably run ther little shows on this deadly disease that is ravishing the life of Britney and hell, probably all of your children too. Quick hurry before they shave their heads. There is still time to save them!!!


The all-mighty-dollar

And while I’m at it. Pointing out all the moral degredation. How do you spell that word? Am I using it right? Spell check just underlined it in red. Oh well…I’m leaving it. That’s how I’m spelling it and using it tonight.

But that fat-fuck bodyguard that ratted out Britney’s personal life. Oh, it’s because he cares, I forgot. He cares deeply about Britney, but more importantly about those poor children. What a courageous move ….What’s that? Hmm? How much were you paid to tell the story? Reportedly in the six figure range? Oh, so brave of you. So brave.

If you had any real sense of integrity, you don’t accept a dime. But restraint clearly is not one of your strengths you bloated pig. Hope your over-sized heart (from grease and cholesterol not love or courage) doesn’t split at the seams. I care too.

Damn I’m a bit uppity tonight. Quite a view from my moral high horse. Well I for one wouldn’t accept a dime if I were in his shoes, nor the 6,000 cheeseburgers that sloth took down. At least I can sit a bit higher.

All right. I’m going to calm down now. Momma always said not to got to bed angry. I just need to vent it sometimes cause I do get so disgusted by it all. I truly do.

Basic respect.

Basic integrity.

Basically caring.

Man I hope these make a comeback. A big comeback.


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