Brokeback Barbara -A Tale Of Forbidden Man Love In A Southern Californian Paradise

Well 4 just passed along the photos from our trip down south (so to speak) last weekend in my alma mater town, Santa Barbara. It was a quick but necessary and fun trip for the both of us. Here is a brief pictorial recap…

FYI there are only a few pics of 4 mostly because he was the one holding his very, very nice camera so, regrettably for you ladies, I can only show you a few pics of my Jack Twist.

4 and I ready to embark on a 4-wheel drive down twisty dirt roads and creeks. Crazy how the camera adds twenty years to one’s face. Mother fucker, I look like I’m 90 in this photo. Meanwhile, 4 looks totally uninterested in my advances. He plays hard to get…but I always get him in the end…if you will. Cause I can’t quit him. I just can’t.

Pathy impatiently waiting for the two of us…

BN grabs the wheel and cranks up the tunes as we tear down the dirt road at breakneck speeds. All the while Johnny Cash, booms, “On a Monday, I was arrested….”

Fortunately we arrive at our destination. Little Calliente Hot Springs tucked far, far away in the Santa Ynez Mountains. The day was scorching hot, as we’re 4’s herpes.

4 busts out some Spiderman poses he personally picked up from Tobey Macguire in L.A.

BN…can you see him on the bottom there. Damn, if only this picture came out. I jumped, literally to the top of the dam. It was absolutely impressive. Fucking camera.

Goodnight Ned.

Further demonstrations of BN’s power and abilities.

And after a long day of sun and travel, we return back to our campsite for a little booze, tales of women, and self penis measuring. By the way, this is what it looks like when the boys don’t have a steady woman in their lives. One hand on the bottle. The other on the wiener.

BN and 4 awake to another wonderful day in Santa Barbara. Instead of heading further east for fun and adventure, they head west for a little A.M. surf at Sands Beach. And my oh my, the waves were firing!

Oh, yeah. All of one foot bombs soaring into the shore. Here I am sizing up a ten inch barrel and just fucking going for it. That’s how I roll man. Balls to the wall.

Well, sadly, shortly after the surf session our weekend came to a close. 4 headed back down south to Tinsel Town and I stayed around to pay my respects for a few more hours of sun, surf, and…well, another story for another day.

Oh, to end this on a bit of a frustrating note…the waves jumped up to 4′ on my way out. I stayed and surfed another hour til sunset, but sadly we didn’t have 4’s camera to show you some real pics of surfing and a picturesque sunset.

Such is life.

All and all…wonderful seeing you again 4 as always. It was a great time.

And on a personal note…

So nice to be feeling so much like my old self again…


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