Heil Jordan?

What the fuck?

Apparently this is old news, but I just saw the Haines commercial for the first time with Michael Jordan sporting what appears to be a Hitler mustache.  What in the hell is this?  Did he go all Lebron on us with the total lack of self awareness?

All I can say is that this had to be either a rigid example of a narcissus, or a an underwear company aiming for any publicity being good publicity no matter how controversial.

And sure, one could argue that Chaplin too sported this ’stache, but that was well before Hitler embodied the look.  Had Adolf not killed 6 million Jews then arguably the ridiculous facial hair would have been known as the Chaplin.  Unfortunately, genocide apparently gets a look retired, as well as perhaps a first name.  Tough break.

So what the fuck is this guy doing?  I can’t imagine it’s like black people re-owning the word “nigger” to disempower the venom in the noun.  I believe the Jews, not 23 would have to sport the look and dare an Aryan confrontation.

As for Haines, why in the world would they sign off on it?  Did Jordan threaten to walk if he was forced to shave it?  Or did they want the speculation?  I know Jordan has a history of un-retiring, but I believe the mustache is not his to take down from the rafters.  His subtle soul patch below is a slight alteration, but so was 45.  Stupid man, stupid.


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