Bustin’ Down The Door (2008)

Netflix is a beautiful thing.  Just watched this documentary and has to be my favorite surf film of all time.  Basically, the movie focuses on the early to mid-70’s as Australians and South Africans made their way to the North Shore of Hawaii, bringing with them a new brazen surfing style and attitude.  As a result, the level of surfing began to skyrocket, along with it an episodic clashing of cultures that led to tensions and eruptions of violence.  This was also the time period, location, and environment that gave birth to the World Tour.

What I really appreciated about this film more than anything, was getting to know these surf legends.  I have, or had rather, films of Mark Occhilupo (Occy) and Tom Curren and thus have gotten to know and enjoy them, but have never ventured further back.  Seeing interviews and footage of these tough and entertaining s.o.b.’s like Wayne Barthlolomew (Rabbit), Mark Richards (MR), Shaun Tompson, and Ian Cairns was a real treat.  Even today, though still not old, they carry the same intensity and passion.

By the way, I’ve never cared much for the Brown-lineage of surf films like Bruce’s Endless Summer(s) and Dana’s Step Into Liquid.  Just don’t really care for the borderline corny narration and presentation of it all.  Respect it, but just not for me.  Much prefer the grittier, rawness, and more ‘real’ aspect of films like this and Riding Giants.  Another great choice.

Anyways,  a fascinating and brilliant film.  Queue it up.


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