Captain Sully Vs. Captain Phillips

Yep.  Seems like a pretty good match up on paper.  Two recent American heroes celebrated for their skill and bravery in air and on sea.  So lets take a minute here and put these two to a head a head comparison.  Why not?  Sully V Phillips.  Captain y Captain.

First off, we have Sully.  He landed his plane on water saving the lives of crew and passengers alike.  Pretty remarkable.  Or so I’m told.

And then there’s Phillips.  Courageously offers himself to Red Beard and his jolly band of pirates to free his own men, and then successfully not gets shot by his captors or SEAL bullets.  Great work.

So who is more the hero here?  Who is more the Captain?

Well let’s take a closer look at it.


What did he really do here that was heroic?  He landed the plane on water which was skillful…or so I’m told…but did he really go above and beyond in the face of danger?  Did he put his ass on the line for the better good?  Maybe.  Maybe not. By no choice of his own, he was stuck on that plane, and it was entirely in his best interest to land that two ton craft of steel into the chilly harbor.  It wasn’t like he opted to enter that troubled plane mid-flight to rescue the passengers.  That truly would have been heroic.  He was stuck in a bad situation and he masterfully…or so I’m told…made an emergency landing to save…well…it could have been just to save himself.  We don’t know.  We really don’t know anything about Sully. I’m sure he is a remarkably nice and good man, BUT…he might have been a son of bitch.  He might have hated people.  He could have.  He could have despised everyone.  I mean being a pilot seems like a fairly anti-social job.

And what about his being on every God damn talk show under the sun to discuss his ‘understated’ heroism.  Wasn’t that a little overdone?  I mean it’s not like he was promoting a movie and was contracted to make all these appearances.  And come to think of it, I certainly haven’t seen Phillips on Leno, have you?  Hmm…

And that million dollar book deal.  Did you catch wind of that?  Apparently he was offered and accepted a cool mil to write Sully’s book of poems or some nonsense.  Now is that the follow up action of a hero?  Can’t say yes or no, but I have to say it leaves a slightly sour taste in my mouth.  Shit, I don’t know.  He is our local boy here in the Bay Area, but….

Enough on Sully.  Let’s take a look at our other hero.


Aye aye Captain.  Let’s quickly review again your actions.  Your vessel was nearly captured by pirates, and in an attempt to save your men you risked your own life by allowing the swashbucklers to take you as their prisoner.  Good, solid work, sir.  Fortunately of course the ending was a happy one for the good old US of A (and a very sad one for pirates across the world), as our beloved Navy SEALS ripped three bullets through the heads of the captors.  Much like Sully, the SEALS were very skillful in their precision to take and make those three shots in a bobbing life raft fifty yards away from the small vessel where Phillips was being held hostage.  Remarkable really.

But Phillips.  He selflessly put his own life and limb on the line for others.  He certainly could have avoided such a standoff if he so chose being the captain and all, but he didn’t.  He manned up and took one for his team.  Now that is not only a courageous act, but a severely heroic act.

Hell we don’t need to go further…

Oh Captain My Captain.

Phillips takes it.


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