CD Review - Aimee Mann ‘The Forgotten Arm’

I’m writing this as I listen to it. This is a CD that has taken its sweet ass time to grow on me and I’m still not totally sure if I love it. I like it a whole lot though and I have played it repeatedly. It simply isn’t getting old. “Little Bombs” might be my favorite track from the album. The songs are all about addiction, though unlike albums I love, I find myself not really paying attention to the lyrics. The songs just set a tone, a rich tone of some sorts, very well and apparently that is enough for me.

Overall I think it is an excellent album, but I warn you, I think it takes an inordinate amount of time to really like it. My favorite albums always take a long time to love, but this took extra long to appreciate it.

I give the album an ‘A-’. Love starts at an ‘A’ so, I must just really, really like it.
Check it out.


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