Chevrolet Employee discount

So Chevy decided to give everyone a break and has created the “Employee discount” price for everyone else.

Correct me if I am wrong, but this campaign started about a week ago and it had an end date set in stone: September 2nd

Now, I am not sure what happened - if they are selling cars like crazy or they did not sell nearly as many as expected, BUT the promotion will run until the end of September now….

I have news for GM. If they want to keep selling cars they will have to sell ALL their cars ALL the time at that discount. Nobody will buy a chevy over a reliable Honda, Toyota and even Hyundai.

In the last 20 years chevy has been sending work outside the US in the hopes of making its cars affordable and competitive. They have claimed that the Unions have killed Detroit, but the reality is that Toyota has been doing the exact opposite. They have been investing in America for the past 20 years and look at their cars. Toyota is #1 in the world right now. I agree Unions sometimes are a PITA and destroy a lot of good things, but it did not kill GM….. GM did


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