Country Music Ya’ Say?

I say.  I heard this lyrical gem today on L.A.’s hottest country music station:

“Rain makes corn.  Corn makes whiskey.  Whiskey makes my girl…(pause)…frisky.”

Incredible.  I actually didn’t think I could be any more entertained by this song, especially after hearing the break, which repeatedly rang out with, “Rain is good!”,  until I heard the chorus come around a second time:

Rain makes corn.  Corn makes whiskey.  Whiskey make my girl….(pause….longer pause…is it coming?….say it’s coming….I can’t take it….)  (Insert unexpected steel string guitar solo….)

Fucking brilliance.  And I tell you.  The third and final time that chorus came around, and he brought back the ‘frisky’, I was fucking slapping the steering wheel.

Country music man.  You have to be lobotomized to relate to it, but shit man, it’s good.


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