Crew Classic

So I skipped a whole week of cycling to get ready for this regatta.

Saturday I was “forced” to row a USD Alumni boat. We had a good row, but not good enough to make the Grand Final, so we got stuck with the Petite final, which worked pretty good for me cause that would give me 5 hours before my last race - actually the race we have been training for.

So this morning we had our row. We used USD equipment which I think cost us some seconds. In any case, we came in second in our final. Beat rd by 0.4 seconds (UCSD) and lost to Sac State by 0.8 seconds… Pretty close, but pretty normal in rowing.

In the afternoon we had out big race and I will be honest, haven’t felt nervous in a while. YOU fuck up, 7 other guys get fucked together, so no pressure. Training together for 6 months, 3 times a week, 4:45 am mornings and when you come down to race, things can get a bit wacky.

So we launch get a good warm-up and off we went.

To start, there were 4 boats in the race. We are off the line and we are in last place for the first 100 meters… Great!

Across the 250 meter mark we move into 3rd. For the next 750 meters our focus was to stay with the boat with all the big shot ex-olympians. We hung in there, about 2 seconds behind. We knew they were a strong 1000 meter crew and that eventually they would crack. Next 500 meters we move up on them and now we are even. We make a move and pass them and we are ahead with 250 meters to go. Now we have another crew to deal with cause we are still in 2nd place. We start our sprint very early and we started to move but could not catch them.

To bad. It would have been nice to win that race. We actually beat both boats with a bunch of ringers, which was a great surprise. The 16 guys that made up these two boats were nothing to take lightly. We have lost I dont know how many races to these idiots (I know, this is a another story) and now finally we put the hammer down.

Was it worth it, yeah. I will see how my commitment to rowing will continue. A big way to find that out will be this weekend. The whole power training and pain management that it has provided me will have to pay off at the omnium TT. Essentially rowing and TT’ing are very similar, so I expect a pretty decent placing.

We will see how it goes.


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