Da Na Na Na, Da Na Na Na. SLAP SLAP

Anyone check out the new 90210 yet?  Well I did, for all of three minutes.  It’s all I could really take.  That show will be over in no time, which of course will come as just a mind blowing shock to us all.

But in the meantime, this newly launched show has already mixed it up in some controversy.  No, not Dylan and Brenda-esque premarital sex.  Or David’s friend accidentally shooting himself in the head type story lines.  Or even do-gooder Brandon unearthing unplausable gambling and drinking addiction style stories.   No, this all has to do with the actresses themselves.

Apparently the two female leads are freakishly skinny and concerned parents and human beings in general are all pissed off because they don’t want Hollywood to once again visibly equate sexiness with starvation.

Here is a picture I dug up, so to speak, of the two glowing Hollocaust survivors.  Just lovely they are…

I particularly love how the dress droops on the sunken chest cavity.  Damn, show me more!!!

Ah, it doesn’t matter parents and citizens of this country.  This show wont be around long enough to affect the eating habits of any of your daughters and gay sons.  Stay on guard though.  I agree and sympathize w/ your cause.


-Who would have ever thought that Donna would ever be viewed as a fat ass in comparison to another 90210 cast member?  Great work Hollywood.

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