Dead Body Alert!

I know Amber Alert is for abducted little kids, but who do we notify for abducted corpses?

Yeah, this ain’t a hypothetical and I’m still feeling plenty disturbed for what I thought I just saw.

Twenty minutes ago I went to Round Table to pick up my personal-sized pepperoni and mushroom pizza to reward myself for drinking too much last night, and on my way back to my car I crossed in front of this green Camry with what looked like a decomposing corpse in the passenger side seat.

I’m not screwing around. And it wasn’t like I just did a double-take. I stared at it and I instantly felt I was witnessing something sinister. It was laid back in the passenger seat and was all dark and sinewy. Honestly my legs sort of buckled upon seeing it.

The car lurched past and then was gone, and once I collected myself, I went after the direction of where the car left to try and catch up and tempt myself to look again to make sure I saw what I saw so I could then go to the pigs who didn’t arrest me last night and have them capture this sick son of a bitch who’s driving around with this thing.

Honestly, this isn’t bullshit. Yes, I guess it could have been a seriously diseased and sick person. Maybe. But if so there is no way that person is living through the night. But honestly, in my mind, the only options are is that some sick fucking Daumer-guy is cruising around w/ his dead spouse, or someone works in the entertainment business and this is one bone-chilling project.

Anyways, I’m sounding the dead body alert. The car is a late 1990’s green Toyota Camry in the East Bay Area. Sure that’s a relatively common car, but this one has a dead body in it.


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