Decoded Follow Up And Probably A Little More Unnecessary Commentary

Figured I may as well post again on Jay-Z’s book as opposed to test the length limits of the comment section.  I was a bit premature in saying that I had completed his book when in fact I was a good 50 pages from the end.  Anyways, I now have officially hit the last page and with it a few added comments.

First off, I will say that writing this shit in a coffee shop is a fucking difficult endeavor.  I am so distracted by everything that I have to listen to music while writing this shit, which in some ways adds another layer of distractability.  Whatever ‘flow’ I feel when I normally write, is freakin out the door.  It’s basically constant writer’s block.

With that said…

What I like about Jay-Z I realized, is that he in some ways to me an echo of Malcolm X, of who I used to be and still am a big fan.  (Maybe more than a coincidence that Jay Z chose a similar alphabet ending letter).  The thing that I loved about Malcolm was his principle and integrity.  He of course didn’t live a puritan life but was a product of his environment that was harsh, racist, and largely ugly.  He found himself (by “choice”) in the roll of the hustler before ascending to the heights that he did as a personal work in progress.  Each year of his life was an evolution through awareness and self awareness as he re-claimed his power, channeled his anger into the “fuck this bullshit” that is envious, then ultimately began to soften on the anti-whitey stance as he grew and matured. To me he maintained his integrity and ideals along the way as he moved forward even though possessing a negative past.  But again the negative being more a product of the larger national context, and him being able to shed that skin as he transcended and led.

Jay-Z also originated in the slums by the oppression of poverty, which remains intimately tied to race.  He is “guilty” of plenty of shit in his early days on the streets as he freely admits, but like Malcolm he learned from it, channeled it, and transcended it.  Malcolm transcended to the place where he affected social change.  Similarly, but far less dramatic, Jay Z continues in a similar vein by telling his stories through hip-hop to tell his story to others while attempting to motivate those still dealing with the poverty and violence that affected him.

Integrity.  It’s so fucking important.

And this is where I segue into the A Little More Unnecessary Commentary.

Integrity, bad ass, and it’s opposite.  Fucking Usher.  Since we’re talking about hip-hop, might as well spill into this fucking douchebag.  Jay-Z I respect because he garners respect.  He does his thing, yet sits down with Charley Rose, Oprah, whomever and is thoughtful, humble, and articulate.  Usher in contrast does that little fucking licks his lips thing like he’s a woman or something like all women (and they probably do) are going to freak out.  I want to punch that dude in the face.  Anyone who licks their lips before speaking deserves an ass kicking .  Think about it?  Does anyone pull that off?  Doesn’t it completely negate the picture?  Michael Jordan.  Biggest pimp of all.  Can you picture him licking his lips and doing that little gay ass snarl?  It’s pathetic.  What about Denzell, since sticking with the black thing.  Dude is far more a pimp than Usher, yet doesn’t do that I’m sexy bullshit.  Fuck it’s so ridiculous.

I have to go make dinner for  a few people tonight so signing off with an unedited mess.  Maybe I will touch it up later or leave it as is.


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