Dirty Harry VS Mars Blackman

Whose your money on?

This is a funny feud that has been brewing for a few weeks. Apparently Spike Lee has a problem w/ Clint Eastwood’s two Iwo Jima sagas. (I had one problem. They were both boring). But Spike seeing racism in a cup of coffee, stated the following: (Dude, I don’t know why I’m reporting on this. It’s hot out…)

AKA M. Blackman: “Clint Eastwood made two films about Iwo Jima that ran for more than four hours total, and there was not one Negro actor on the screen. If you reporters had any balls you’d ask him why. There’s no way I know why he did that … But I know it was pointed out to him and that he could have changed it. It’s not like he didn’t know.”

Seriously? Of ALL the battles in this world, this is the fight to pick? Really? How stupid. Now if it was a point of interest that caught his eye and he wanted to share or discuss, that’s one thing. But to call out Dirty Harry???

Anyways, of course this started a small whirlwind of controversy, cause some people have nothing better to do, and eventually it got back to Clint.

As MSN reported, Eastwood justified his choice of actors, saying that those black troops who did take part in the battle as part of a munitions company didn’t raise the flag. The battle is known by the image of US marines raising the American flag on Mount Suribachi.

Eastwood further stated, “The story is Flags of Our Fathers, the famous flag-raising picture and they (guys that look like Mars Blackman) didn’t do that. If I go ahead and put an African-American actor in there, people’d go: ‘This guy’s lost his mind.’ I mean, it’s not accurate.” Referring to Lee, he added: “A guy like him should shut his face.”

DAMN Clint! I love it. The man don’t take shit.

But he wasn’t done yet…

Defending the racial make-up in his films as historically accurate, Eastwood referred to another of his films, Changeling, which was set in Los Angeles before the city had a large group of African-Americans. “What are you going to do, you going to tell a fuckin’ story about that?” he said. “Make it look like a commercial for an equal opportunity player? I’m not in that game. I’m playing it the way I read it historically, and that’s the way it is. When I do a movie and it’s 90% black, like Bird, then I use 90% black people.”

Ok. Sounds fair enough, right?

Spike replied to the provoked attack with this today:

“First of all, the man is not my father (correct, you’re black he’s white…were following) and we’re not on a plantation either (??????),” Lee tells ABCNEWS.com. “He’s a great director. He makes his films, I make my films. The thing about it though, I didn’t personally attack him (see initial quote). And a comment like ‘a guy like that should shut his face’ — come on Clint, come on. He sounds like an angry old man right there.”

Angry old man? Shit you called him out for implied racism and then call him an angry old man when he predictably is annoyed by that.

Are you feeling irrelevant these days Spike? Is that was this is all about? Is it tough to find work now that Michael Jordan has retired?

Sure racism exists in this country. Sure we (or a good percentage of us) are working on that w/ each generation, but for the love of God man.

Shut your face.


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