Wow…  My jaw has almost returned to its proper, rugged position.

I don’t know if any of you knew this or not, but years back (1999), I worked as a fundraising manager (or some position I was 100% unqualified for) for this politician in San Diego.  I had just finished reading Arthur Schlesinger’s bio on Robert Kennedy for like the third time and was motivated to get involved.  I went down to the Democratic Headquarters in San Diego and they linked me up to this guy who was about to make a congressional run.  I don’t know why or how, but he had me on as his one paid staff and I found myself in very, at the time, odd environments.  For one, I ended up at a party with Ethel Skakel Kennedy (RFK’s widow), and also on one occassion picked up the 60’s folk group The Kingston Trio from their hotel room and took them to this fancy shindig. 

Anyways, my job lasted only three months as this guy let me go implying I basically didn’t know what the fuck I was doing.  Which was accurate, but I of course responded by implying he had little character…for more reasons than just letting me go.  But damn.  Me and my big mouth.

Regardless, the dude dropped out of the race a few weeks later due to a lack of support and a personality resembling Patrick “Chewing”.  

Anyways, I had given this guy next to no thought over the past decade until this morning when I Googled his ass.  Wondering why I’m writing this and what he’s been up to?  Check it out.  



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