Book Review: E-Myth

This book was “recommended” to me by my boss after a yearly review.

The title in itself sounded interesting enough for me to have picked up the book on a shelf, but since I had it spoon fed to me I thought I would jump on it and see what Michael Gerber had to say.

Since I am going through my quarter life crisis and a clear path to my future must be taking shape I thought that the book would give me a lot of insight and some guidance. To be honest I was a bit disappointed. Of the 300 or so pages in the book, there were maybe 20 or so that had completely new content and ideas, at least to me. I don’t dislike the book, but the rest of the pages the author dealt with the issue of setting up a business with some pretty standard parameters. Yes a couple of concepts were unique, but the bottom line is that most of them were nothing more than common sense.

Did I learn new things? Sure. Is the read worth the time? Yes.

In my case it once again reminded me of the track that I am supposed to be taking.


PS: The e-myth system is huge and there are many, many books, seminars, talks, CDs, videos, etc, etc that one can acquire. This part of the e-myth business is what made me a bit uneasy when taking the advice. They are in business to make money and it almost sounds like a scam because if someone has “the secret recipe” to make money, they should NEVER hand it out. Something to think about.

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