Ebbs and Flows

 Two quick mentions before I touch on the title of this post:

1) The Cal Bears are about to host the Stanford Cardinal in the Big Game.  I will be watching today at home because for some reason I just don’t feel too motivated to head out towards Strawberry Canyon.  Can I even call myself a fan anymore?  It’s arguable.

2) Completely and always unranked UCSB (my alma mater) vs. #1 North Carolina.  Anyone see that basketball game last night?  Well none of you up here did sine it wasn’t televised (I even checked Comedy Central).  I was dying to see it.  If not just too hear the Thunder Dome rockin’ once again.

Of course North Carolina ended up winning, but UCSB put up quite a fight and even led the game at various stages well past the opening points.  They lost by fifteen or so, but to even make it competitive was pretty damn ridiculous.   Go Gauchos!

And thinking of Gauchos, man I may need to dig up some stories from those days.  My actual college days weren’t too filled with individual classic stories or anything (for some reason I would have to wait another three years before I would begin to truly act like a college delinquent), but were more a general one long great story that pretty much revolved around surfing with my friends.  We surfed all the time.  Rain….shine…flat…..big…..morning…..night.

Surfing at night.  Man, that was fun, and of course totally stupid.  Believe me when I tell you that there we were the only ones out surfing.  Yeah, shocker.  A full moon gliding off the waves.  Us hooting and hollering as we did our best to make our way down the face of the waves, all the while keeping an eye out for the periodic sea boulders that were begging to crush our chests and skulls.

Or hell, the night EB and I went surfing down at a random beach break, and once in the water discovered that each of our paddles caused the water around our fingers to luminate like light sticks. With us freaking out through laughter since we had yet to learn about bioluminescence.  For all we knew we were in some toxic spill and figured since we were already exposed, we may as well surf it out.  And later tell our gilled and tailed children all about the fun-filled days of college.

Ahhh….UCSB has got to be the greatest school in the nation.  I’m serious.  Sure there’s Harvard (snore), Princeton (scabby Band-aids), Yale (pasty chicks), Berkeley (please), but if you’re one who’s not possessed to have to go Ivy-League due to overbearing parents, then nothing else can compare to the paradise that is Santa Barbara.  Don’t even attempt to plead your case. I wont have it.

Ebbs and Flows…

Here’s my point this morning.  Earclops is ebbing, and has been for awhile.  No, this isn’t another  faux “I’m done writing” post, where I get a few responses back from people who say “No, we love it”.  And then in turn I glow like a little kid and go “aw shucks, thanks guys.  Ok”, and start writing again.

No, I think I’ve finally played that one out.  But, I am aware that the short flows of writing on this site is always followed by a long ebb.  And these flows and ebbs I’m even referring doesn’t even necessarily refer to the content or frequency of posts.  It’s more my enthusiasm and my ability to quickly write something.  For a while its just been almost a pain in the ass and nearly every first draft is structurally all over the place.  Mostly cause I’m not focusing, nor again having much fun.


I’m bored with it again, but have learned that later I won’t be.  It’s been awhile though.  I have been totally stagnant in my life as most of the shit has passed, but has yet to be replaced by true action and life, and perhaps that’s what’s clogging up the gears.  We will see.

Just checking in.  That’s all for today.

Go Bears.

Note, the absence of the exclamation point.


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