Follow-up on reverends

Alright, this is a non-thought-out post about what i think of reverends - relating to Jesse commenting on Obama in an earlier post by my better half BN.

Like he said, What the fuck is a reverend?

For what I can see Jesse Jackson is a moron. Correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t he use his title “Reverend” to get money from companies under the pretext that they *might* be discriminating against african americans? Even though the companies were doing what they had to and adhering to all the employment rules, he would show up at their door step and pretty much “force” these companies to donate to his charity or charities?

Next thing you hear is that his charities don’t pay any taxes and all the money is gone.

Wasn’t he the guy that made some remarks about jews and had some extra-marital sling? What kind of fucking reverend is this?

I think he was also lobbying for the “donation” of 20% of the channels in the possible merger of SIRIUS and XM. He wanted 20% of the channels to go to minorities… WTF is this? So can I walk into Apple and ask for 20% of the company that i had nothing to do with while in growth and demand a share just because I was born in Latin America?

He is completely out of his mind.

Now, I am sure he did do some nice things…. not lately though.

There you go… Mr. Reverend…..


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