WHAT THE FUCK is up with these stupid ass, non-melodic, no talent, rap song, commercials?  Honestly.   The first one was terrible, yet amazingly they keep coming.  And I don’t know if its just me, but I can almost pick up on the arrogance of these fuckers like they think they are all bad ass now doing these raps.  I kind of want to kick their teeth in.  Not because they are getting wealthy on this shit, but because they no longer look appreciative and amazingly now have some sort of swagger or something.  Fuck you and your stupid ass credit reports assholes.  You suck. 

And what’s worse, is that this bad taste in advertising seems to have sparked some bizzare rap dissonant craze.  I don’t even know what the spin off comercials are selling, but there are some slew of monotone rapping white people droning on and on about nothing.  It’s ludacrous.

I blame you freecredit-Napolean Dynamite-looking-douchebag-asshole.  You are not the genius that is the gecko or caveman creations of Geiko.  Those were and are entertaining.  You are nothing but bad taste.  And frankly, your success baffles me.


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