Get Dunked On By Patrick Chewing

Now this is yet another reason why the business world does not make a lick of sense to me.  Snickers is a multi-million dollar business that has been around long before I made my way into this world.  And given that it is such a high profile product, it would seem logical that the company would have plenty of funds to run nothing but the finest of ad campaigns. And in order to run nothing but the finest of advertising campaigns, this company I assume would hire nothing but the brightest and most creative of minds.  So how in the hell does “Get Dunked On By Patrick Chewing” become the slogan for the franchise candy bar?  It doesn’t even make any sense, other than Ewing rhymes with Chewing -the act it requires to eat a Snickers bar.  What in the fuck man.  Really?  

Perhaps if Patrick was relevant, and not a 50-year-old  hobbled man with bad knees, then maybe this might partially work.  I mean, have you seen the commercial?  Special effects are actually required for him to complete a dunk.  And shit man, Patrick Ewing???  The man was as charismatic as Bill Cartwright back in the day.  He was there, and relevant at the time as a basketball player, but that dude couldn’t inspire me to take a piss if my bladder was full.  He was a great center and that was it.

And this is what actually kind of irritates me.  The group  of people that thought of and carried out this merit-less commercial are making heaps and heaps of money for their job “well” done.  They brainstormed this piece of shit.  Got this piece of shit miraculously approved.  And then made $$$ getting this piece of shit on air.  It just irritates me.  That’s why 95% of my own posts here piss me off.   They’re not good.  But of those 95%, 100% are far better than this crapolla.  And that’s not saying a damn thing at all.


-P.S. I had a few glasses of wine.

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-P.S.S.S. I don’t like my job, thus the ‘P.S.’

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