Good Luck Chuck -Movie Review

One word.  Shocked. 

Shocked that this is actually a good movie.  This again is another example of me having 40 movie channels.  There is no way in hell that I would ever watch this movie had it not just been on and I planned to sleep through it.  I actually just got back from biking through San Francisco, across the Golden Gate, and down through the Marin Headlines.  Shit….here’ s a quick visual re-cap:

Bicicleta ready for an adventure

A nice jaunt through the City with perfect weather.  Boobs, legs, and asses were in perfect abundance.  Not to mention the San Francisco Marathon was running today.  Had no idea, but what a gorgeous suprise.  Thousands of runner chicks with perfect physiques spreading their beauty.  (Should have gotten photos of the race…wasn’t thinking)

Fog descended over the GG making it pretty chilly.  I was motivated after watching the Tour and stomped my pedals up the hill to get to this view.

Then came the decent into the fog.  Pretty intense speeds are easily achieved down this grade.  I actually stopped mid-way to get this shot. 

And this path eventually leads down to the Marin Headlands where there usually is surf, but the surf tends to absolutely suck here.  Constantly closed out.  But amazingly, not today.  Clean rights with some size. 

All the photos I had…  

Anyways, the movie Good Luck Chuck is entertaining for a variety of reasons.  One, it is actually a pretty decent romantic comedy.  That is probably the most shocking part.  I usually can’t stand Dane Cook and am actually dumbfounded over his success.  Not funny.  Not talented.  However, I take it back after watching this movie.  He actually was really good in it. 

Now to number two.  Jessica Alba.  So unbelievably hot, it’s not even funny.  She even reveals a partial side boob in this shot which frankly is just blinding.  This girl’s body is perfection. 

And for the rest of this movie, it’s basically just over-the-top nudity and jokes….but again, it strangely works.  Don’t watch this with your girlfriend/wife unless she isn’t the jealous type.  You will get a hard time for all the nudity, but if your lady is cool with that then you both will enjoy.


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