Heath Ledger 2

It’s been over six months six Heath Ledger died from an accidental overdose and I’m finally now getting around to giving my two cents on the whole thing. Why now? Well I just finished watching the True Hollywood Story of Heath Ledger and it moved me.

I am not totally sure why I didn’t write on it before. I think at that time it happened I was commenting less on current events, not to mention JH covered it so I let it be. Also, I think, now that I’m writing this, that I sort of wanted, out of respect, to keep my mouth shut.

I was upset by it. A bit stunned really. My ex and I at that point hadn’t talked in a few months due to our struggling vow for silence, yet I sent her off a text when I had heard. Somehow it was different with this guy. Not just in death, but in life. Something about him just resonated integrity and talent. And for a guy that I clearly did not now, I found him an easy person to respect.

So, if you haven’t seen it and at all are interested, I would recommend catching The True Hollywood Story. That show tends to be more of a ‘miss’ than ‘hit’ show, but this time (well I only caught the last half) was really well done. It also had a brief interview w/ Vern Troyer AKA Mini Me, and I found that pretty touching. He was very articulate and visibly pained as he talked about Ledger’s death. Was nice to see him not in the role of some visible comic relief, and have him being so human.

Ledger, as we know now and have known for a long time, died of respiratory failure, brought on from the interaction of prescription pills. How this occurs, in how I understand how this occurs, is that the central nervous system is depressed due to pharmacological sedation which disrupts the automatic response for the lungs to take in air to expel carbon. Thus with this process being interrupted or having it greatly reduced, one’s body quickly becomes toxic due to the carbon buildup, and can lead to death if not interrupted. (I love how the body works, thus that’s why I even include this last paragraph.)

Anyways, a very belated post to a very sad story.


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