Heath Ledger

I guess there will be no sequel to Brokeback Mountain.

I know this might sound mean, but it is the reality. What IS really bad are all the people that are writing about his death as a good thing. I am talking about people that were against the movie being released in the first place because of its content.

It has been reported that the anti gay movement made some comments and they are not so kind. The same movement has plans on attending the funeral of the actor in protest to his movie (Brokeback Mountain). There is also a report of an old time wrestler (The Warrior) that called Heath’ death a lesson to kids today as his gay role set a bad example for society.

I am not going to get into too much detail about these two occasions, but it gives you an idea of how fucking closed-minded and backwards-thinking these people are. The guy played a role in a movie and he is now being bashed and being made an example of what happens to gay people in real life. C’mon people, get a fucking grip here.

I honestly hope that if anyone shows up at his funeral in order to protest gets the PD preferential treatment.

Alright, done ranting….bad grammar but i dont care. Just had to get this out.


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