Hey There Delilah/Grrrrace!

You know that catchy/lame tune, “Hey There Delilah” by the Plain White Tees? That song that even I could have come up with? Well, apparently this Delilah lady wasn’t some fictitious fixation from one of the band members. She is a real, living, breathing….well, potential Olympian.

Apparently the song was written about Deliliah Dicrescenzo. The *3,000m steeplechase runner who is currently at the Olympic Trials trying to qualify. I watched her not qualify last night, and not too sure if she’s getting another chance. But how random, huh? Apparently the writer of the song met her once and told her that he was going to write a song about her and that one day he would be famous as would the song. I’m sure he was just trying to sleep with her, and I’m sure that didn’t work, but damn who actually follows through w/ that?

*And before you point it out TW, yes the steeplechase would also fall under the category of stupid Olympic events.  I’m sure it’s kind of fun and all, but jumping over hurdles and landing in water pits???  It’s kind of resembles the final event of American Gladiator.  I’m just waiting for them to add big hinged sand balls that they throw at the runners as they try to pass.  Kind of ridiculous.


Grrrrrrrace! (ibid, Rooney, ibid Ferris Beullers Day Off)

Grace Upshaw is heading to the Olympics again in the long jump, in which she qualified last night.

I went to high school w/ Grace (same year) but since I didn’t know anybody at my first school, it makes sense that I didn’t know her either. Regardless, I still am very excited to see her compete.

Anyways, I’m trying to give us some color stories here to get us all more into the Games next month. It should be a lot of fun.

Have a good 4th!


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