Hillary is leaving…..

I know, I know, I know…. it was true and now its not, but I believe that if enough people talk about it it will eventually become the truth.

I read some article (sorry no link), but it outlined the meticulous job that the Obama campaign did in strategizing all of their work. How they defined in the very beginning that they would reach out to the states and the people that were not necessarily undecided, but were 50/50 - I know it sounds weird.

Let me put it this way, Hillary went for the people that would give her the clear win and Obama did not.

Very thankful that this is coming to an end and i sincerely hope he becomes the president. I am not American and i have never cared about politics - ANYWHERE, but these are times were change (another weak plug) is needed.

Dang, i wish that bitch would just QUIT… hahahahaha ;-)


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