A squirrel ran in front of my car today. It wasn’t a close call or anything. He didn’t run out safely past my car then panic and turn back into the tread of my tire. No, he was a smart squirrel.

But it got me thinking. Is it the Hindu religion where these nut jobs ;) will get off their camels or whatnot (clearly showing my ignorance on all accounts here) to make sure they don’t step on ants or something…believing fully in reincarnation and the killing of that insect could in fact be the killing of a loved one?

Well here’s my question. If you believe in reincarnation and believe that could be your mother or something, shouldn’t you step on that son of a bitch? Think about how grateful your mother would be to get reshuffled into something a hell of a lot better than an ant.

I’m just saying…


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