Hung Fu?


Sorry.  I wouldn’t normally be so crass about a guy hanging himself.  Especially a one, David Carradine, however I just read that his death has been changed from an “apparent suicide” to an “accidental death”.  And how does one accidentally kill themself when their neck is attached to a rope, you say?  Well, when they are naked and there is another rope attached to their penis. 

Yeeeah.  Authorities allegedly found the TV legend, sans gee, suspended in a closet in Hangcock….errrr Bangkok….with ropes attached to both ends.  Damn.  What a way to go out. 

When I first heard this story (while it was still being ruled a suicide) I was struck in two ways.  One, that it was sad that he took his own life, and two that it was sort of surprising.  I mean by age 72 one would figure that one had lived long enough to know how not to kill one’s self.  But then I thought, that perhaps it may be tougher in the “golden years” when you don’t have the whole, “you have the rest of your life” mental thread to push you through tough waters. 

But of course all of that became irrelevant in this case when it was revealed that Carradine wasn’t miserable, he was just one sick son of a bitch.  And at 72.  Damn.  I’m impressed, intrigued, and confused.  I mean what the fuck was he doing when he was 50?  Fucking exhaust pipes?  Perhaps this is simply a case of a man who just stored up too much God damn Chi over the years and just “blew” a gasket.  I don’t know. 

Regardless…poor David Carradine.  I always figured that suicide would pretty much be the worst way to end your legacy, but in this case, it would have been one hell of a lot better. 

Rest in peace, pervert. 


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