I am getting old, VERY old

Other than having a birthday last week, I really feel like I am getting closer and closer to geezer status….the inevitable feeling that time is running out is becoming clearer by the day.

REASON: my recent trip home.


  1. I NEVER, ever, ever, ever, ever sleep on a flight
  2. I am never cold, EVAH!
  3. I am on vacation when I start my flight…very patient…nothing hits me..

On my longest flight, Sao Paulo-NYC I sat next to this old, fat canadian dude. I asked him if he was going to sleep a lot cause I usually don’t and I wanted to switch spots with him (I like the aisle seat better, I am tall, so its better to stretch out).

The bitch said no and that pissed me off. I blew up internally….As a revenge I got some pillows, stashed them up against the window, got a pile of blankets, build myself a fucking fort and PASSED OUT. Thats right! I forced myself to sleep!!!! I was so proud of myself…

I remember watching two movies on the flight, but the remaining 6 hours were a blur and the old fart stayed awake the whole time…take that douche!

Now, if you remember, I am scared to death of flying and sleeping seems to work very well as a calming agent! I am definately(sp?) conquering my fear or just GETTING OLD.

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