“I Want To Cut His Nuts Off”

Not a quote from Rocky 6 or whatever number were on. This little zinger was breathed into an open mic a little while back by none other than the ever growing irrelevant, Jesse Jackson. And no he wasn’t talking about McCain or Hillary (I’m kidding…I’m over that one), but his candidate, Barack Obama.

Apparently Jackson was angry (you know black people) with Obama’s speech that he delivered in a black church over Father’s Day weekend. Jackson stated, on-air, that he was disappointed w/ the message Obama was giving. Feeling he was playing into stereotypes, that perhaps could be construed to be catering to white voters. But once the cameras went off, while the mic stayed on, he expressed his real frustrations, which happened to be targeted on Barack’s testicles. Can we call that projection? I’ve been out of school too long.

So this has blown up over the past few weeks and is dying down a bit, but…..come on. What is up with all the reverends and their huge sloppy fucking mouths? Honestly. I didn’t realize the ego factor was so enormous for the men who don the cloth. I mean, I do realize that, but I figured they would be a little smoother in concealing it.

Wait, does Jesse still don the cloth for that matter? How does that work? Shit, what is a reverend for that matter? I know nothing of these things. I thought a reverend was like a priest or something that spoke at congregations. Maybe somebody can help me out here.

But first there was the Reverend Wright disaster which was more than a thorn in the side for the Obama campaign. (His own Reverend if you weren’t privy to that). Followed by another stand-in reverend at the same church, who ripped on Hillary w/ racist undertones. This dude was white by the way so it looked even more ridiculous.

So at this point it’s like, separation of church and politics, please. Right?

All so ridiculous. These two individuals were for Obama but the intoxicating glow of the on-air light made them fucking nuts. “Ooooh, I want to be so relevant.” And temporarily you become so. We are all taking the time to focus attention away from more pressing issues, to give you your fifteen seconds of ridicule. Congrats.

And now Reverend number 3. Who is pro-Obama as well. Or at least pro-democratic candidate.

Yes, Uncle Jesse (not a reference to Uncle Tom. I’m going more down the Dukes Of Hazzard vein) made these comments in hushed tones. But hell Jess, you’re mic-ed up on a fucking news station. Sure you might be frustrated that we never wanted to elect you and your forehead, but get a hold of yourself.

Really. I don’t know. Finish this post with your own closing comment. Treat it like a Mad Lib. I will lay down the frame work for you.

Noun….. noun…..adjective….noun……verb…..

Hell, too restrictive. I’ll give you creative freedom. Have fun.


*Here is a video link if you want to see and hear the gaff, plus political commentary by the darling, Andrea Mitchell. Honestly, I like her.


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