Iconoclasts + Explosions In The Sky

A few recs.

If you have the Sundance Channel then I recommend checking out Iconoclasts.  They pair two artist/celebrities from different venues to hang out and sort of interview one another amongst the elements.  First one I watched was Krakauer and Sean Penn as they retraced the story of Into the Wild.  Loved it.  Just recently, as in an hour ago, I watched Laird Hamilton and Eddie Vedder hang out in Maui and in Santa Barbara and once again loved it.  May or may not be your thing, but it’s definitely mine.

Explosions in the Sky

Bit premature to recommend, but it’s currently working for me.  One of their songs is the instrumental intro for Friday Night Lights, so when Pandora shuffled it through, I gave the thumbs up and did some searching on them.  I liked what I heard and ended up downloading one of their albums.  Pretty mellow, hypnotic shit.  Kind of like Enya, but for guys…Menya.


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