Insomnia has been brutal these…well eight months thus have reached a place that has me pulling out a new post from the depths to a now unpopulated audience.  Perhaps you will hit the 3am marker one of these days and find yourself checking this old beast for something new.  Well here you go.  Surprise surprise.  Let’s take a peek into what’s rattling around and keeping me up. I just did an AP News sweep and these are the gems that popped up.

1) Contador is stripped of his 2010 Tour de France.  Good riddance you little shit.  Tainted meat w/ a steroid?  You fucking idiot.  You’re too stupid to get away w/ it.  Of course Lance cheated and doped up (like everybody else.  It’s as integral as the fucking bike seat), but he’s far smarter and cunning than you.  Honestly Contador reminds me of that jumping up and down one-legged, one-eyed Vietnamese in Platoon that Sheen Sheens off on and Bunny splits the head on.

A disturbing scene, but imagining it being Contador right now helps a bit.  Anyways, he’s like that guy pre-blows, with an extra leg, extra functioning eye, but same stupid demeanor.  I guess I’m picking on stupid people right now, but cut me some slack.  I can’t sleep.  Jump mother fucker jump.

2) Chris Brown to perform at the Grammys.  What the fuck.  What the fuck is wrong w/ this country.  This guy is the biggest bitch on the planet.  Not only did he beat the living hell out of a woman, not just a woman, but one of our women, a star more popular than he is, AND we all know about it.  Here is a picture.

He did this to her face.   Enough said?  I can’t believe I have to go on.  Is there anything more game over than beating a woman to oblivion?  Molesting kids I guess, but this is a close second to last.  And what, we don’t care?  The dude is a 145 lb cream puff.  Look at him.

(Life size photo)

It’s not like he’s a swelled up 50 Cent that rolled out on a woman and everyone’s like “whoa…..ehh….not cool” from a distance.  Justin Bieber could match up against this guy. It’s too baffling to dissect.  Makes that whole community that much more fraudulent. Rappers sounding up about how hard they are yet allow this to happen to one of their own? Instead throwing a mic in his hand and paving the red carpet for him at the Grammy’s?  Hopeless.  Who says the rap industry is comprised of a bunch of misogynists?

Come to think of it, I would be shocked if Tupac would allow this to happen.  Or Big E.  These dudes killed each other over slights.  Imagine their reaction if someone beat up their sister?  Or sista?  Perhaps this is just another example of how candy-assed this generation of youth is.  Even our rappers are pussies.  Go ahead and wear a few more bow ties you morons.

3) Ehh…that’s about it.  I keep writing and I will dig myself a deeper hole.  Look like I will have to go back to my pusher, the medicine cabinet.  The translucent blue pill of Nyquil awaits.  Shit is brilliant in knocking me out, but not so hot in waking me up.  Tuesday will be hard to register.  Until then.


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