JH’s New Years resolutions….

- Make sure I visit my family twice….try to go for 3
- Pray for my sister to get her dream job
- Pray for BN to get his list granted ;-)

- Work smarter, not harder (manage outsourcing)
- Implement an idea that I had with my family
- LEARN Actionscript for once and for all

- Upgrade to CAT-2 (road racing)
- Win some good races
- Go to Rowing Nationals (place well in Pair)
- Visit BN

- Crack 180lbs
- Go another year without using heroin

Notice that my list is much longer than BN’s….I also divided them into categories so that I can better keep track of them…lets see how they evolve….

PS: Of course I want all the standard stuff like happiness, health, love, etc, etc….these are just more tangible.

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