Just A Taste

It’s video clip time again apparently.  Sorry for the onslaught.

I am having  a few sips of scotch tonight w/ some ice for company and acoustics.  Anyways, it’s sort of got me in the mood for good music.   Here is a clip of Beth Hart’s L.A. song from back in the day.  I’m sure it’s familiar at the very least, but the first time I heard it was on Letterman back then and I was struck by the power/pain of this woman as she sang it.  She seemed a bit strung out then.  Her ribs were exposed a bit and she seemed almost haggard.  But when she started playing her song, she just exploded w/ emotion, talent, passion and pain.

This clip doesn’t capture it like when I first saw her, but you can get a taste for the force of her.  I don’t know.  I told you, I’ve been drinking….



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