Kanye Vs. Lauer

I’m currently unemployed thus exposed to nonsense I’d otherwise not run across.  But run across I have, and now unfortunately for you employed non-degenerates, you are exposed via blog association.

A few days ago Kanye West was on the Today Show to promote some utterly shit music, but in doing so had to sit in the hot seat versus Matt Lauer to answer some questions regarding past tantrums and outbursts, including his infamous, “George Bush hates black people” rant post-Katrina fallout.  Anyways, Lauer attempted to go all Barbara Walters on Kanye, which is fine, but ultimately I found myself, believe it or not, siding with Kanye.  Kanye was pretty much owning everything and went on to explain that he felt remorse over his statements regarding Bush and said that it was a heated, in the moment statement, and he had no right to publicly label Bush as a racist.  Commendable.  It was seemingly sincere, even if he did display some physical discomfort.  Why not?  Artists are a temperamental breed.  And Kanye could arguably described as an artist whether you like him or not.

Anyways, Lauer goes on to pretty much antagonize the situation.  He tries to reframe Kanye’s words unnecessarily to have him agree to use words like, “regret”, etc. as if he’s already feeding lines to the ticker taper that “Kanye REGRETS blah, blah, blah.”  Just totally unnecessary.

And this is when I started to actually get annoyed.  Lauer next tells Kanye to look at a recorded tape of Bush talking about his hurt and frustration regarding Kanye’s Katrina comments (almost a KKK comment…phonetically at least).  The clip is muted and Lauer asks Kanye to look at Bush’s animated face to illustrate how angry he was.  Kanye appropriately was like, ‘What the fuck, Lauer?’  He already had said and owned up to all the right things, yet seemingly Lauer was pre-loaded with shit to crack the nut, yet proved to be unnecessary when the nut had already exposed itself.

And if that weren’t enough, Matty then went on to show Kanye’s tirade a year back at the VMA when he interrupted Taylor Swift’s award.  Rather he referred to it, then played the clip for the viewer while they talked and Kanye could hear the rant playing over audio.  Way to poke the bear in the cage.  What I respect is that Kanye spoke up and again went, “What the fuck, Lauer!”.  However, he was less vulgar but no less agitated when he said, “You don’t need to do all these childish tricks and all”.  I was in full agreement.

Later Matt Lauer with Meredith Vierra by his side, made an embarrassing public statement saying that they treated Kanye no differently than anyone else and nothing was handled inappropriately or unprofessionally.  Wow, who knew?  Matt Lauer hates black people.

Kanye reportedly canceled his Today concert, and for once, I friggin side with this guy.


-I will be working soon.  Apologies.

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