Let My People Go Surfing:The Education Of A Reluctant Businessman, by Yvon Chouinard

Finished your book TW.  I definitely liked it and thought it was a very interesting book.  I am huge on biographies and how people live (and have lived) their lives, and getting a glimpse into this guy and his perspective on business and it’s impact on the environment was well worth it.

I earmarked a few pages in the book, but left it up at the cabin for someone else to read, but will do my best here to remember what made an impression.

1) Something about a saying he quoted that entrepeneurs were delenquents at heart or something.  That they had a rebellious streak and said “hell, no” to being boxed in.  I like that.  I have sort of mastered that attitude, but sadly I have nothing to show for it yet :(  Maybe I should adjust my attitude to “hell, maybe”.

2) The 80% quote was an interesting take.  (Taking sports/hobbies to 80% mastery then moving on, so as not to become too tunnel focused, etc.  Yvon’s personal take for balance and happiness in regards to passions.)  I don’t totally relate to that, but very cool.  I personally like tunnels.  They make a cool sound when you holler down ‘em.

3) Ughh…  Oh yeah.  Do you know what is the most common greenhouse gas?  Yeah.  Water vapor.  Who knew.

Good book.  Inspiring.


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