Like One Little Post Would Shut Me Up

Here’s my ‘final’ comment on all of this. Here is my synopsis of the situation:

It is too soon for the US to have a black President.

How’s that for an incendiary start to this post?

The only reason that Barack has made it this far is because he is an extraordinary person w/ extraordinary gifts. Period.

I will make my point in a minute, but I’m going to dance over here for a bit…

Chris Matthews created a feel good moment last night saying to Keith Olberman, that he never ever could have predicted that an African American would be in this position in his lifetime, let alone in 2008. He was somewhat emotional and expressed that tonight he was very proud of his country. Keith also threw in his own two cents saying he too never could have imagined this was possible so soon.

Ok these arguably aren’t the two best barometers for the pulse of our society, but they…well at least Chris, has been covering politics forever and he is not out of step in feeling that it is amazing that this is occurring so soon. I think most of us over the age of thirty would agree.

Personally, I am not having a sense of feeling proud of my country as a whole in regards to this development. I am not getting teary-eyed that our country is capable of such quick growth. The large step that has occurred I feel is due to the specialness of Barack and not an indicator as to how far our country has come. And that’s what scares me.

Ultimately Obama’s meteoric rise has taken him and our country really to a dangerous level. It is now prematurely testing our country’s collective ability to see if we can survive, maintain our union once again over the issue of race whether we are ready for this or not.

The stakes are very high whether we’re paying attention or not.

There is a decent chance that something might happen to this guy. There are real forces at work here that is seeing that this does occur. Again a result to a premature step. Yes there are always forces, but it is multiplied exponentially when moving too quickly. We’ve already seen one credible threat already.

So what happens if these negative reactionary forces succeed?

Riots, violence, lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!

Hold on…I will bring out my crystal ball for a second. This is what I predict would happen in the immediate aftermath in the Democratic Party alone which is just where my mind’s going right now.

Hillary supporters would immediately be crying that she must be the one to carry on. The Lord of Bruce to pick up William Wallace’s blood stained cloth.

She is no Lord of Bruce.

But her supporters will scream that she had 18 million votes. She of course has to be Obama’s successor.

Hell fucking no! would be the cry from the other side of the table. Biden is the natural choice. Cause hell he was chosen by the “chosen” one. We have to honor his choice. He is the obvious successor.

It would get so volatile in the one area where one would assume union and support. So nasty. Such a disaster amidst the real disaster.

I don’t know folks…

I hope to God that nothing happens and that the reactive forces to this premature step gets kept in check by unbelievably tight security and good fortune. If Obama does get elected President then hopefully the threat will decrease over time as married cousins get more and more used to the idea that their leader is not white or some sickening moonshine pink.

My hope is that we get away with this one. That future paper bag covered history texts will talk about this precarious time and how our country was able to side step violent backlash and move forward several steps when it was safe and prudent to only take one. We will see. I will be hopeful but I am uneasy.


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