Lindsay (Muniz) Lohan Poses As Marilyn Monroe

My last post for awhile. Just had a surge over the last two days, but this will dry up all juices in my body, I assure you…

I give up. Apparently this isn’t a joke anymore. Do people actually think that Lindsay Lohan is in any way shape or form attractive? I wont wait for an answer.

No, she is not.

When I first saw her years back I had no issue with her. She was that little ginger kid from Freaky Friday. Didn’t see it (I swear) but I was aware of her (cause shockingly red-headed kids stand out).

And then I remember a year or two later that she was being pumped up as some party girl, it girl. That the Hollywood machine was going to try and sell the public that this girl was actually supposed to be attractive or something. It really was laughable to me, and still is.

I swear, I thought she looks (and still looks) like she could be Frankie Muniz’s (Malcolm in the Middle) sister. Or even his twin sister. Honestly. That’s my association in resemblance and attractiveness.

And then it went from laughable to a low level annoyance as she continued to hit covers of magazines. It was insulting to hot women. I did not want impressionable young girls out there to ditch their more attractive looks and take on the likes of this one thinking that this is what attractive is supposed to look like.

One female Muniz is plenty enough.

And now they have Lindsay posing as one of the biggest beauty/sex icons of our time. Marilyn Monroe. A whole five page pictorial recreating the photos of Marilyn’s last photo shoot…

Are you freaking kidding me???

Look at the sheet she’s holding up. Her freckles are bleeding through. No amount of editing can suck the ugliness out of those shots. Honestly. And her little underwear she’s wearing. I honestly find it kind of revolting.

And I don’t mean to be so cruel about it. Some people just can’t pull that off and look so foolish doing so. If she was honest about how she looked and was who she was then she would have her own style of beauty. She could be ‘cute’ in her own way…well, like her brother.

But trying to pass off as a pin-up, looks so ridiculous to me. And my God, trying to now pass as Marilyn??? You can finish my thought.

Come on…can we please bring this girl back down to reality? Please.


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