Lost Amazon Tribe Found

Pretty damn crazy. Apparently this tribe has been known about for quite some time, but these are the first photos to be released, I guess as ‘they’ say to bring attention to these people in order to protect them. Here is the article in which I obtained a few of these pictures:


Here is a closer shot distributed from NBC.com.

How nuts is this? I mean its cool, definitely, but I have to admit, I’m a little spooked by it. Especially by the black one (please don’t read into that one) in the back. Honestly, what in the hell is that???

So I could have left things as they were. You know, had a few viewings of bizarre indigenous people like the rest of us. But I couldn’t let it rest.

Now I wouldn’t call myself a hacker, per se. But I do have certain talents in getting what I want. And what I wanted this morning was more shots of this tribe. There had to be more, right? The public photos, and then the photos that the government has to ‘protect’ us, or something stupid.

Well…it has taken a bit of time, but I’ve dug around and found a few more.

You ready? And if/when a government agent steps onto this site, well this blog was all JH’s idea.

Here’s an even closer shot of a few of the tribe members… I don’t know how long these will stay up here. I don’t know who monitors this shit, but it will probably get yanked. Anyways, just to warn you it is kind of jarring and maybe even upsetting to a degree to see these up close. Real is always scarier than imagined. At least until you get used to it or something. I don’t know. But again, imagine how these people feel seeing these metal birds flying through the air.

Photo 1:

???? Right? Like, what is up with all the hair???

It’s like they’re cave people or something. Look at the dude on the left. Totally staring up at the helicopter. What’s he thinking? Alien? He seems almost used to it though. Maybe we’ve flown by them countless numbers of times. Maybe he thinks we’re friendly. Poor caveman. If I were you, I would pound yourself out a better weapon. We’re pretty ruthless, even though all fleshy and pale.

Photo 2:

Now this one was beyond surprising. Apparently we, us ‘civilized’ people, have in fact contacted these people. I don’t know if these two field researchers are the only ones that these Amazons will consort with (and what, do they grunt and shit?) but it appears like a peaceful interaction. It certainly is in contrast to the spears-drawn photos.

You know, in taking another look, there may be something inappropriate going on. Maybe that is another reason why this one is marked classified. What is up with the guy running his hand up the monkey man’s shin. And worse, where is his left hand headed? And Christ, look at the expression on the poor Amazon’s face. I’m sorry little guy, I wish I had time and the ability to explain and translate sexual dysfunction in our society. The guy who is about to touch you (or sadly, has already touched you by now) was most likely touched in a similar fashion by an adult. It’s a vicious cycle. Sorry we’ve introduced it to your tribe. And when you predictably have the urges to reach out and do the same to one in your tribe, please do your best to catch yourself. This is too complicated. Damn, I wish I spoke Amazonian.

These gets even weirder still. Sometimes you wish you hadn’t opened Pandora’s box. But if you’re still with me, scroll down. And to be honest, I am getting beyond freaked.

Photo 3:

Yeah…. Um, what the fuck is that???? I ain’t no paleantologist, but that shit looks like a freakin dinosaur. A T-Rex may I be so presumptious. No wonder they don’t share this shit with the public. Damn it, maybe they were protecting us. I don’t know how I’m supposed to handle myself right now.

But fuck, that’s not the worst of it.

Photo 4:

AAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS?????? What are they holding?? Is that Saturn in the lower right corner?

I don’t like this at all. I wish I hadn’t seen what I’ve seen. It’s like picking a scab you know you shouldn’t touch. And asking for forgiveness in sharing this, is bullshit. I know it. It is very selfish of me. I’m just totally freaked out and I figured safety in numbers.

Fuck me…In the future I don’t want to know. YOU HEAR ME, YOU GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS???? I don’t want to know anymore than I do. As for further alien shit and all that that’s coming out. Stick to the weather balloon theory. Or swamp gas. Or an airplane that appears like a glowing orb due to the angle of the sun. Whatever you say I will subscribe to it.

Man, oh man…


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