Lucky Rabbit’s…Foot?

Have you ever stopped to consider how fucking strange lucky rabbits’ feet were?  Do they still make those things or did PITA long ago drop a silo of paint on rabbit foot headquarters putting it out of commission?  Its just such an odd thing.  Did any of you ever have one?

I don’t recall if I ever owned one, but I do faintly remember having or playing with a green one.  And green…clearly it didn’t come from a green rabbit, which means that there were sick sons of bitches who not only lopped off bunny hands, but then dyed them for kids to play with.

How barbaric.  I mean how is that different from having lucky cat’s feet?  Really.  It would be the same thing.  A twisted up cat paw, hawked off mid cat-wrist, dipped in easter egg type dye, and crammed into a key chain type plug to distribute to faux superstitious kids.

I don’t know.  It seems pretty primitive and unreal now looking back.


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