Mchouneghy’s Minions Maul Maparazzi

TW forwarded this on to me.

I have to tell you, I thoroughly enjoy stuff like this.

And this separate from random fighting, because the latter is so ridiculous. Nor am I supporting the “Owwwoooo….I drink beer and party, man”. That shit’s retarded. But throwing beat downs on the cowardess paparazzi…er I mean maparazzi. As I’ve mentioned before, they are akin to the chicken shit fans who taunt professional athletes at games. And akin to this when Ron Artest or Chuck Persons, or whoever that was that went into the stands and started throwing punches that one night… I know a lot of people voiced that that was so awful and despicable, but I largely dug it. As did the other ‘Barkley’ by the way. People should be accountable. Sometimes the Old West mentality is just so much better than law and order.

So there you go. Thanks for sending the video this way.


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