Michael Jordan Is The Man

No…not 23 this time, which is a first.


This Michael Jordan.


Michael B. Jordan, to be exact.

Friday Night Lights is in its final season and being two or three episodes in, I had nearly given up on the show.  For whatever brilliant reason, it appeared that the producers, ad-men, or whoever makes the ‘wrong’ marketing decisions, seemingly decided to fuck with the format that was more than working to make it more One Tree Hill. Cheesy, over the top, faux-teen drama bullshit.  Not the grittier, real-feeling, quality show that Lights has been for the past four seasons.

I was actually talking about this show last night with the girl I was sharing a couch with (who’s also a fan of Lights…and BN) and was pointing out to her that the show was based on the movie by the same name.  Amazingly she didn’t know about, had forgotten there was, ultimately hadn’t seen the original football movies of all football movies.  (Guess what’s being rented tonight?)  Anyways, it made me remember that when Lights first came out I assumed that they were going to butcher it and make a saccharin adaptation that would be insulting to the film.  But then being pleasantly surprised by how good the show was.

Well…until now it seemed.  First few episodes this season were definitely in the tainted vein of One Tree Hill...

  Disingenuous acting and writing.  Promos eerily familiar with WB rock videos and all the actors glammed out as they strolled in melodramatic slow motion shit.  Just unwelcome and disappointing crap.

However last night, the latest Tivo-ed show that I nearly fast-forwarded through in what I felt would be my last show that I would watch, was put to a halt when I watched the new 23 pull off a Jordan-ass moment.  I love this frickin’ guy by the way.  He’s probably the only reason I’ve hung on this season.  Something about him is just impressive, and has pretty much carried the ailing show ever since Coach got relocated to the wrong side of Dillon.

Anyways this dude ripped into a scene in last night’s episode that literally had myself and the girl I was curled up with, pause the frickin’ show to go, “Holy shit.  That guy can fucking act.”  I haven’t seen a scene in a movie or TV that powerful and high quality in years.  That guy is bottled lighting.  I knew he could act, but that was some elevated shit.

So MJ is back.  Sure acting is far less cool than basketball, but that was something I saw last night.

Final season of an excellent show.  Hopefully there’s more of that and less of whatever had being going severely wrong with the start of this season.  Hopefully this is a sign that ad-man was fired.  Perhaps Coach Taylor straightened him out.  Let’s hope.

Lights, baby.  Thursday nights at…. 8?  10?  I don’t know.  This TV is on EST and PST.  Fucks me all up.  Check it out.


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